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More Than Nurses


Nurses — beyond their profession, they may be parents, caregivers, athletes or even students. Their unique journeys have shaped them to

become the nurses that they are today.

Produced for Jaga-Me, in partnership with NUS Alice Centre for Nursing Studies, this #MoreThanNurses video series aims to celebrate our Singapore nurses’ contribution and tells the lives of three distinctive figures in the profession. How their lives develop outside the wards are important to shaping their beliefs in nursing.


The headline video premiered August 1st, 2021 on Singapore Nurses' Day. Subsequent stories of the unique individuals were told in separate episodes in the #MoreThanNurses series and form the first omni-channel campaign to revitalise the company's marketing strategy. Jaga-Me is an on-demand healthcare platform for the elderly and discharging patients to obtain home nursing and caregiving services. 

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Watch the rest of the video series below.

Journeying With The Dying

"I've encountered many patients who have had many regrets just when they are about to breathe their last, because they still have loved ones whom they have lost contact with or not spoken to for the past many years because of things that had been said or done."


Joanne is a Staff Nurse who volunteers as a Death Doula outside of the hospice. Hear her story on how she journeys with patients towards the end of their lives.

Bringing Care Home

"Whether it is sunshine or rainy days, we need to fulfill the cases, home to home."


June is a Registered Nurse at Jaga-Me who has been away from her family back home in Malaysia since July 2020. Hear her story on how she brings care to the homes of patients, and what motivates her as

a home care nurse.

Running My Marathon

"To get the goal in mind, you have to put in the work, whether you like it or not."


Yik Siong is a Staff Nurse who spends his time outside of the hospital training his endurance through running. Hear his story on how running keeps him going as a nurse.

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