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Namaste Nepal


I spent 18 days in Nepal. I climbed up a base camp that took 7 days, 7 falls, and 7 leech bites. I walked in pouring rain, drenched down thorough but never felt more spirited. I had an amazing chocolate lava cake in the mountains and generous serving of dal bhat everywhere. I got schooled in life by two spiritual juniors in my room. One said to live life for yourself and the other, for the earth. I did yoga, meditation and some weird sound therapy thing hopefully to align my chakra and attain transcendence. I saw the resilience of the mountain folks and remarked how well we lived. I observed the frantic pace in Kathmandu and saw a ceaseless energy for aspiring better. I got reminded again, to take time and notice the tiny moments around, and pay little to the transience of our worries.  

Places travelled:
Kathmandu - Pokhara - Annapurna Conservation Area - Bhaktapur - Patan

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