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NYLA 2019 Award Journey


The National Young Leader Award was launched to recognise young leaders (between 15 to 19 years old) who are involved, engaged, and show conviction in the things they do, regardless of their academic achievements.


For NYLA 2019, 7 finalists stood out among a vast selection of qualified nominees through trying tests and interviews. Among many others like themselves, these young leaders came from all walks of life and exhibit everyday influence and leadership. This NYLA Award Journey is a culmination of their process, leading to the Awards' Night for the due deserved.


By highlighting the stories of these young leaders, NYLA hope it inspires a generation of young people to also rise up and make that positive contribution in their communities. This video is produced as part of a corporate profile video series to document the journey of the award. The NYLA 2019 Finalists' stories were also produced to raise advocacy for the finalists.


Find out more about NYLA 2019 Finalists' stories here.

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