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Yura and Henry Wedding at The Halia

Yura and Henry

They worked on a cruise ship. She was a sports staff. And he was a musician. They were complete strangers, until the chords of his piano allured her into the lobby. There they struck up a conversation, grew fond of one another, then faced challenges of maintaining a relationship over vast geographical distance. That’s Korea to Australia. For a few years, their relationship switched on and off, but they always came back together, and like all good love story, decided to tie the knot. Yura made a courageous but necessary move to join Henry in Melbourne last year. And called Singapore to hold their wedding ceremony where here they find many fond memories. 

I’m inspired by their triumph in this cross-borders romantic adventure. Not many find reasons to put faith in long distance relationship. But their love found enough strength to hold and build it, a strength that seemed to me, predicated on selfless sacrifice, maturity of thoughts, and a deep felt longing for a shared future. 

It was a blessing for me to shoot their actual day wedding, and to learn about their experience. It was a joy. And the venue at The Halia at the Singapore Botanic Gardens makes for an intimate and fun filled celebration. Thank you Yura and Henry. Have a great ride of a journey ahead.

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