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About Jimmy Tan Pictures

Hello there.

I am Jimmy Tan. I make videos, shoot pictures and climb rocks. 

I started off documenting my travel experiences with a compact camera when I was young. It was not much then, but that chunk of metal got me thinking about framing my subjects and composing meaningful narratives out of the shots. Gradually, the tool has empowered me to translate ideas, imagination and messages through videos and photos.

These days I go around with heavier set-ups, up on the rock wall, through the rugged trails and on the wedding aisle. I like to shoot landscape, wild moments and beautiful stories.

Riveting and unique at each piece, I keep my shoots real and photojournalistic, while striking a balance with editorial edge and elegance in cinematic. Story is mandatory. 

I am based in Singapore. But travel frequently to climb new rocks and get fresh perspectives. 

Something on your mind??

Thank you for coming this far! If you like what you see here, give me a shout-out. If you think I can help you achieve something, write me an email, or drop me a dm on Instagram. If you think we can collaborate on something fun and visionary, hit me right away!

Thanks for submitting! I'll get back in 2-3 days if not earlier :)

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