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Pre-wedding shoot for Jia Chee and Yi Xiang

Jia Chee and Yi Xiang

For others above the surface, they saw a wonderfully set wedding. Filled with warmth and laughter, food and light, everyone came in joy and celebrated in your white revelry. ​ 


For those privileged enough to take a deeper dip, like myself for a brief moment, saw harsh and wrenching moments behind that defined the strength of this couple and the enduring path they shall go forth on together. ​ 


To wrap it all in within brief period of notice was a little short of insane. Despite uneasy circumstances, they prevailed through with such sheer tenacity and unwavering resolve that their conviction for one another cannot be questioned. ​ 


And that the vows made under a solemn judge would be little like an extravagant formality. And that their gestures had already spoke louder than their words. ​ 


How far will you go? And how long will you wait? To find that embrace.

I also shot their pre-wedding film on the same occasion. Watch for some dreamy loving.

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